What's Royaljelly?

Royaljelly is called "the elixir of life". It is very popular as a health food which is effective for rejuvenation and the annual consumption is increasing year by year.

Royaljelly is secreted by young worker bees and its component is completely different from that of honey. Pollen and honey eaten by worker bees are digested and absorbed to be nutrition in bees' intestine. And then, the nutrition reach the pharynx gland in the head through the spine to be stored as royaljelly. Worker bees secrete royaljelly from their mouths as it is needed, and feed it to their queen bee and her larvae.


Royaljelly has another name of "Milk for Queen".

Royaljelly is a gland secretion of release type. It is milk-white emulsion which has sour taste. Queen bee can lay about 2,000 eggs every day by eating royaljelly.

Components of Royaljelly

Royaljelly is rich in the only substance that can promote the action of the center of life (the center of sex).

Royaljelly contains a lot of well-balanced nutrition such as many kinds of essential amino acid, variety of vitamins and minerals. In addition, a lot of 10-hydrooxidesenic acid, which can be produced by only bees in the natural world, is contained in especially royaljelly.

Effects of Royaljelly

  • Supply aged people with nutrition and prevent aging
  • Keep beauty and good health condition for the female
  • Supply babies and children with nutrition
  • Keep good health condition for middle aged people
    (climacteric changes, declination of sex function, diabetes mellitus, sleeplessness, stiff shoulders, anemia and other various symptoms)

Way to Use

Please take fresh raw royaljelly
  • tandard amount to take: 1~2g/time (1~2 times/day)
  • You can use it for external application.
    In case of chaps and fissure, small amount of it may be applied to the troubled part.
    (Do NOT use it for external application if you have hypersensitive constitution.)

Way to Preserve

  • Keep it clean.
  • Do not use a metal spoon.
  • Be sure to cap the bottle and keep it in a refrigerator.

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