What's Propolis?

Now Propolis is in the spotlight as one of natural food for healthy life, especially which has a big effect for antibacteria and antivirus.

Propolis is a natural product made by bees like honey, royaljelly and pollen mass. In nature, to preserve from invasion of external bacteria and to keep clean inside their beehive, bees secrete saliva on a tree to mixed its enzyme with sap, and it is smeared over entrance of their beehive.

The origin of the world "Propolis" come from Greek, "to preserve home".

Propolis has been used in various places worldwide over many centuries since ancient Greece, Egypt, the Inca Empire and also in France of 18-19 century, etc. Recently it is continuously used in many countries as a material of toothpaste, cosmetics and natural food.


The left photograph shows a portion of propolis collected during inspection of the hive of bred bees.
As the time goes by, it gradually turns into black.

Components of Propolis

Propolis includes 20 to 30 kinds of flavonoids.

Propolis is a balanced material including amino acid, mineral, vitamin, organic acid and etc. Moreover, especially mentioned, it includes 20 to 30 kinds of flavonoids. Existence of natural flavonoids is a main feature of propolis.

Effects of Propolis

  • Active oxygen removal effect
  • Antibacterial and antiviral effect
  • Adjuvant effect, Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Anti-ulcer effect, Anti-tumor effect
  • Sedative effect, Antiallergic effect, Hemostatic effect
  • (climacteric changes, declination of sex function, diabetes mellitus, sleeplessness, stiff shoulders, anemia and other various symptoms)

Way to Use

  • To maintain your health condition, take around 10 drops for a day. You can mix it into water, juice and others.
    (This is NOT a medicine so that a daily dosage is not decided. Above-mentioned is a standard.)
  • You can use it as an ointment like in case of chaps. Apply small amount to the troubled part.
    (Do NOT use it as ointment if you have nervous constitution.)

Way to Preserve

  • Keep and use it in clean environment.
  • Tighten the lid of a vial and keep it in cool and dark place.

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